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RE:largemouth on the fly


I have been using a 8wt and a 7wt this spring and summer for largemouth fishing. Just bought a slower action 8wt blank to build specifically for the FW. The 6wt might leave you a bit under-gunned for tossing those big deer-haired flies and poppers. Just picked up one of the LL Bean Quest rods in a 7wt for $40 - I think they are discontinuing that particular model (8'6"), maybe they have some left. I wish it was a 9', but the blank is fine for my casting ability. As a matter of fact, it actually allows me to cast the same as much more expensive rods.

If you are looking to build one I don't think you could go wrong with the St. Croix LU, Avid, or a PacBay blank. You'll enjoy building the rod, and will find that you can certainly do at least as well as most of the manufacturers out there (after you have a few rods under your belt). I get a little charge knowing that I built the rod (or at least assembled the rod) that I catch my fish on - much the same as the satisfaction you get when catching a fish on a fly you tied. You could buy a PacBay blank (~$45), reel seat ($5-fuji)decent guides ($10), thread ($2.50) epoxy ($10), and handle($15), and PVC rod tube for under a hundred bucks. All it would take is a couple of weeknights and you could have a very nice rod that could be used for FW bass and schoolie stripers - the bonus is your wife won't take your head off for dropping $600 on a new 5 piece RPLXi)!
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