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RE:largemouth on the fly

Its bream, I must have mispelled it. You may have heard these names, sunfish, panfish, or bluegill. They are a small fish that you use those tiny #8 and #10 poppers on, they will just about eat any nymph fly or wooly bugger. The bigger ones (1 lb or so) are in the deep parts of the lake and are very picky, Though not enough too use a clear line. In the summer they get up on the bank to bed, there will be hundreds of them ready to eat anything they see (this is when they are most aggressive). This is also when the bass hang around there beds to have a all day buffet.

But about smallmouth- I have always wanted to catch one of those things. Dont they fight harder than largemouth. I am goin to try too take a pic of my favorite fishing spot and show yall. Later
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