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RE:largemouth on the fly

They get some pretty nice lunkers out on Cape Cod. These are native fish for the most part. I've seen 10 lb. largemouth come out of certain spots. The largest I've caught on the fly rod was in Sandwich on a 7 wt. Somewhere near 5 lbs.

I've used a 9 wt. for pickerel near my local pond and did not feel I was over rodding it. Big, aggressive, hard fighting fish these are that seem to be attracted to waders. They cruise over to investigate your legs, which must appear to them as big tree trunks that move in the water. You never know how many of these "alligators" are just hanging there watching you. I've had fish take my fly not more than a rod's length away, usually on the pick up. It's a little spooky, really.

I just stole an old 3 wt. off E-bay that I'd like to rig up for some of the smaller largies that seem to infest most of the great (and not so great) ponds close to my home.

Wish I could find some small mouth water close by.

JH - what are breem? We use clear fly line in Saltwater, mostly for small tuna that make it to our shores every summer/ autumn. These "tunoids" as we call them have 2 or 3 times better vision than most other species and will spook at a white or brown line under certain conditions. Then there are the flats where striped bass sometimes scoot at the mere mention of LC-13. A clear line in that situation can help.... We tend to carry our slatwater experiences over to the ponds.
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