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RE:largemouth on the fly

I may be young(19) but i do alot of Flyfishin for Largemouth here in mississippi. The best rod for big flys( 1/0 to 3/0) is the Orvis Clearwater 9 foot 9 wt. Use a 9 or 10 wt line, but is has a lot of flex and does the best with bass tapers. Ive used a 10wt pike/musky taper for those 8 inch streamers I tye. For #6 and smaller bass flies i use the St Croix 8'9 8wt, it is made for bass fishing. I did a test, I put several lines in a pool and looked at them like a fish, they were all hard to see, almost white, so I see no need for a clear line, plus it would be a mono line wouldnt it??? That would not be good for my type of bassin. There is nothing better than seeing that fly get exploded on by the old mossyback bass now is it. my .02 cents
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