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greetings from Nebraska

I am a former spinning rod/baitcaster fisherman, who ,in my weaker moments, go back to those fishing roots. I had to beg for 3 years straight for my dad to buy me a flyrod, "I don't think we need a new expensive hobby like that" he always said Ironicly when we finally did start up fly fishing he ended up buying all the expensive equiptment while I still have the two set-ups I bought for $20.Those are still me go-to rods. I wouldn't be the first person to admit that I am a relatively poor fly caster, but the fish seem to be far less discriminating towards my fly casts than I am. Also for my fly tying skills, I don't claim superiority to anyone. I am not a big fan of tying standard fly patterns, and I specialize in creative fly tying, namely crayfish and moth patterns.
Singing Reels,
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