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largemouth on the fly

Well, there's no doubt the bronze-sided smallmouth is a great flyrod target. Do not ignore his big mouthed cousin from the south, however. My favorite thing about largemouths is their surface feeding habits. Nothing says "eat me" like a deer haired popper splating into a hole between the lily pads. Put the two together and you're in for some fun! One of the real beauties of fishing largemouths is the universal availability of these gamesters. Almost every one of us [in the States at least] is within striking distance of some good largemouth fishing even as I type [or you read] this message. Trophy largemouth have a loveable habit of turning up in little farm ponds and insignificant waterways of all shapes and sizes. Truly a working man's quarry.

For tackle I like the same 9wt Sage I use for stripers. True, the largies aren't too large when compared to a good sized striper, but thick weeds and heavy flies are dealt with alot better with the big stick. And let's face it, if you're not throwing big flies into thick weeds, you're not gonna get out of kindergarten. A floating line with a heavy forward taper to roll over the big flies and a short, heavy leader do the trick nicely. The new clear lines oughta make great largemouth lines, does anybody make a clear floating bug taper? Flies need not be elaborate, if they land with a splat and float, bass will eat them. It's much more fun, however, to put a little effort into coming up with just the right fly. The number one drawback of bass flies is weedlessness [or lack thereof]. Weeds are gonna drive ya batty. Weed gaurds on your flies are gonna drive ya batty. If anyone's mastered that problem I'd love to hear from you.

If you're interested in flyfishing for largemouth, and want to look into it further, I wholeheartedly recommend Dave Whitlock's bass video. Good info and very entertaining. The scene that I love the most is where Dave's standing in his boat talking to the camera when a big bass busts in plain view right behind him. With the camera running, Dave spins around and drops a fly on the fish and promptly hooks and lands a real cow. Very cool!
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