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first bit of advice would be to post this on the bonefish tarpon board on this site, but having said that, there is not much more you can do thatn to practice casting that rod. Practice getting the cast off quickly (no more than a couple of false casts). Most important is to practice accuracy (in challenging conditions if possible). Casting the whole line and being seven feet off the mark is useless. A 5o' cast right into the kitchen would be better. Cast with the wind over your casting shoulder. Practice getting off a quick 20 footer to the side. In tough conditions, those fish can sneek up on you. Staying cool while a school of 1oo# monsters is steaming towards you and the wind is blowing over your shoulder can be tough, so practice as much as you can...really.
You don't have to bring much: hat, sunscreen, polarised specs...that's about it. Your guide will have everything else.
I have heard good things about you guides and the area. You are going to be in for a shock! Post a report when you get back.
One cast can change your day...maybe your life.
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