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RE:Proposed Bronzeback Clave Dates

HoH BOY! Smallmouth clave? Catskills? Did I die and go to heaven? Juro, I'd love to do some smallmouth fishing. If you're givin' up secret structure on Winni, I'm in!
A trip out to the Catskills is very tempting as well. I learned to flyfish on the Esopus, in fact, it's the first river I ever fell into! It's been years, but my memories are of spectacular scenery, neon colored stream bred rainbows and hatches that were on a par with a good bunker blitz. In fact, the coffinfly hatch is particularly fun because they hatch at dusk and into the night. BIG fish rise to these big flies in the dark. Nerve racking, just like a worm hatch covered by selective stripers.
HoH Boy! My cabin fever just went up a few notches!
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