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RE:Proposed Bronzeback Clave Dates

If you haven't already looked at the what Luis pointed out, you should take a look at <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">the clave site</a><!--url-->

For those of you who don't realize it already, this is an annual clave for a very large international community of fly fishermen that I have belonged to for over a decade, really - although the last several years my day job and relocation has put me out of commision, I never really felt like I left.

The planning of the sites and the sign up reminds me of the BoneClave... but quite a bit bigger! This is a serious clave folks, with people flying in from all over. I think for those who may have had clave experiences limited to that which local websites put together (or we put together for them), this is a ral eye-opener and a chance to see how big cyber fly communities can be.

If anyone is thinking about carpooling, this has the makings of an epic event and I could be swayed. I am planning on making a new vehicle purchase and may be postioned to be a driver for three passengers.

In any case Luis - I have a question: the site is very informative but what is the venue in terms of angling? Stillwater trout? Freestone streams near the pond? Smallmouth and pike? The fishing venue is a little fuzzy - can you clarify?
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