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RE:Proposed Bronzeback Clave Dates

Juro et al:
I know exactly about the meaning of "the wrath of a woman scorned" It is precisely for that reason that my clave time is scheduled almost a year earlier. any other piscatorial activities are at my own risk! I'd love to go to the Margaree but it is an extremely long shot for me this year.

Here's some extra info about the clave for those interested

NEC I and II were in Lake Placid (I hosted them)

NEC III was in southcentral PA (Dale Bonney host)
(took a 20 inch brown on a bomber! Cicadas were about)

NEC IV was on the Grand river in Ontario (Sheldon Seale, Ian martin hosted) (took a 4 pound brown on #16 beetle!)

NEC V back in Lake Placid (Chris Knight and I hosted)

NEC VI last year was in North Central PA

NEC VII wekend of June 4 in the Catksills.

Lots of good people attend. Many of us know each other for 7 years or more. It's a blast.
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