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RE:Reminiscing about freshwater dorado

yes, you're right Juro... it's called "El tigre de los rios" or the river's tiger. More and more people are fishing for them with flies these days. Problem is the color of the water is not conducive to using flies in many places but...

It's a fierce beats that jumps like mad, and don't let those rows of teeth get you. Doesn't have the teeth of the African tiger fish that Paul Boote describes in "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" but it's a glorious fish. A bit shaped like salmon, wouldn't you say? Although specimens of that size probably don't exist anymore, the record is 40 kilos (kilos, not pounds!)

Those steelies are larger than your daughter (is she your daughter?) Beautiful fish. To think they run up a couple of rivers from the atlantic ocean... in Patagonia 8^)

Arrrghhhh... born to fish

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