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RE:Spring Smallmouth Bass in New England

Juro and Terry,

I used to do some crappie and largemouth fishing in my teens and early twenties, however, I have focused recent energy on trout and striped bass - but I have made it a goal this year of trying to get back into warmwater fishing.

I live out by the Quabbin and have only fished it once a few years ago (lots of crappie caught - only one smallie), but it a wonderful and close resource for a lot of the people that visit these boards. Especially wonderful for those of us without a boat, as they rent them at a couple of the entrances for ~$30/day including gas.

I've done some snorkeling up in Winapausaukee and in central MA and it seems as if the smallmouths like crayfish. The gobble them up greedily, so much so, that you can hand feed them. Leading me to think that a sink tip line with a crayfish pattern would work pretty well. Drab colors like brown or olive would probably do the trick.

There are soooooo many little ponds and lakes that contain wonderful bass fishing, compared to a handful of good trout streams that I visit. My buddy claims that the Connecticut River up by the border of Vermont/NH/MA is a great place to float the canoe while fishing for smallies. It certainly would be easier to get the fishing "jones" in on a local pond than travelling over to the coast (1.75-2.5 hrs away). Plus, all I need is my float tube or the canoe, some large nymphs and crayfish and the 7wt. Might also want to have a floating line for some popper action, as topwater action for me is like dry fly fishing for trout -- very exciting to see the strikes.

Nice topic - sometimes I forget what great opportunities there are out there (literally down the street) and lament the fact I'm not living closer to the coast, or in the west, etc.

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