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RE:Multi-tip line popularity?

It is amazing how much the popularity of multi-tips lines have grown. It has pretty much made Vincent's small time business into a huge production. At the shop I work, 3 years ago we carried the various spey lines by Rio and that was it but now we carry a huge number of of Rio products all due to the popularity of Jimmy's Accelerator and Windcutter multi-tip lines.

I have been fishing the Anadramous Dredger by Rio recently. 24' tips in 200, 300 and 400 grains. Pretty much the Teeny Lines with a longer running line that has little more belly. I like it much better than switching between spools of my various Teeny lines.

And Duggan made a great suggestion to me this Sunday that I will no doubt follow. Cut back 18' of SA's Steelhead Taper and use the various Rio tips that are sold seperately.
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