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Yes Omaha does have great steaks.

I've thought about calling Kearney's cabela's, but the more I think about it the more I realize that Kearney's cabela's has almost nothing compared to the other cities'. Luckily Kansas City opened one, almost as big as the one in Sydney and almost as close as the Kearney one. About cabelas' kits...... It says here in the tackle craft book that standard kits include: INSTRUCTIONS, blank, double foot chrome guides, chrome tip top, walnut real seat, "premium" cork grip, three spools of thread, "deluxe" hook keeper, rod finish, epoxy, and bushes ( I am assuming that it was a typo in the book :hehe: ). As for the hook and hackle company, I am sort of looking at their forecast series 7'6'' five weight, but I really don't want to spend that much more money considering I still need a good line for the rod. And I kind of like instructions!!!!!! However if the rods at hook and hackle are that much better, I will have many choices to make. I am very pleased with the savings I can get by building my own rod, and I love personalising equiptment and making my own ( let's put it this way I started tying flies over a year before I had flyfishing equiptment and my bodkin is home made and looks like a bad tasting popsicle) in any case I think I'll have fun building and I'll make many more rods.
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