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AURORA, seem they are from the COMPANY trying to get the reels on the market up here,they are giving them away at that price.(so im told) if you went to there site last week they had them for $129.00, if you look at there site today they are back to the regular stock price!(189.00).
so if you got one of the giveway price, you did better than
I did. buying them wholesale. club price will be $149.00. I have more TR3.AL an TR4. AL , an SPARE SPOOLS in soon
I have 1.left an Im holding on to it so guys can see what they look like. NEW ENGLAND FLYTIERS has a meeting monday night was asked to bring one over there to show them. an maby take orders. Ill have it at the shop if you wish to see an handle it.dont be afraid to e-mail,call, everyone is always welcomed to ask for a quote on RODS-REELS,an SAVE a few bucks. so "GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN"
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