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Juro, Thanks as always for the advice.

NWFlyFisher, Your right I didn't give a lot of info. I'm sorry for this. The main reason for a mini van is that my wife will drive it most of the time. She has a home day care and would like to take the kids on excursions to parks, playgrounds, etc.

Personally I would prefer to get an SUV. But this is a vehicle for my wife and she will veto it unless it has seats for at least six. I'm going to end up with her old Corolla for a the next four or five years until I wear it out.

The towing question is primarily for info. While I don't have a boat, yet, I know I have no chance of getting one if I have to buy a vehicle to tow it. What I eventually want is a 14-15' skiff with a 15-20 HP motor, and I'm guessing at a trailer weight of ~ 700 - 1,200 pounds.
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