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I read this on the web somewhere (I can't remember where). It was writen by a guy named Roger. I haven't tried it yet but thought it had potential. Here it is in Roger's words:

"I'm going to go against the grain here (nothing new for me) and tell you to make your own. It will eliminate all your problems and will not stretch at all. Won't coil and tangle and you don't (can't) need to stretch it. It will give you solid hook sets and amazing feel keeping you in touch with your fly like you've never experienced. The only down side is that I recommend wearing some form of stripping glove(s)using it but at that temp. you're probably already wearing gloves.
My reciepe:
1)100 feet of 30lb (or 50lb if you are more comfortable with it) braided running line from cortland.
2) 20-30lb gelspun line. (Fireline, Spiderwire, etc.)
Get a large needle (doll needle or similar) and run about 6" of gelspun thru the eye. Crazy glue the tag end to the line. Insert the needle into the end of the braided mono and inch worm your gelspun thru the whole 100' of braided line. Have about a foot of gelspun out of both ends when you are done. Take the same needle and run your braided line thru the eye and and feed it back into the running line about 3" and come out. Feed it back into the side of the running line about an 1/8" from where you came out and run it up the running line another 1". Now you have formed a braided loop. Do the same on the other end. Use the remaining gelspun line that is hanging out of the side of the running line and form a nail knot to really lock it all together. Sounds crazy? Try it. You may never go back to store bought running lines again. The first one you make will be a bear to do. The second one will take less then 15 minutes to make. Cost? Under $15.
One last thing. Make the loop that you will attach your head to about 6" in diameter. This will allow you to pass the whole head thru it when making your connection. If you cut off the loop on your head and replace it with a braided loop connector (you've already got the material) you can't even feel it in the guides."
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