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Dry suit...

Would be the way to go but...
a good full neopreme suit would work except for the fact that you would probably have a melt down and sponteneously combust?! :hehe:
When I paddle, I look at the water and air temps...if they don't add up to 100, hypothermia is knocking on the door...even 120 can get you in trouble quicker than you might think.
Sure, you don't plan on an immersion but, if you dump, you've got to be able to self rescue AND not get so cold that you get in trouble.
I'd say, to be on the safe side, wait until it gets a little warmer and make it a group gaggle until you get comfy with the pool toy...IMHO

And if you get out to the Cape, bring the Yak with you and I'll show you some special places!
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