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E-Z Smoker

I was lamenting the fact that I left my smoker in Washington and missing out on all the good smoked bluefish I could have made this summer. Then .... while channel surfing I came across the food network and learned an easy way to make a smoker.

A smoker is essentially a heating element in a box. Sooo ... what you need to do is 1. take a large cardboard box, 2. cut an access flap at the bottom, 3. make rack supports by putting dowels through the sides of the box, 4. get a hot plate and put it in the bottom, 5. fill up a small frying pan (cast iron is best) with wood chips and put it on the hot plate, 6. set your rack of brined fish on the dowels, 7. seal the top of the box, 8. turn on the hot plate, 9. monitor temperature (keep around 150) and wood chip level.

This smoker takes up very little garage space as it can be folded up - heck it's even disposable.
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