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Paddling / Spring Fever

I am a lucky bastard. Things just seem to work out for me.

Case in point: my company moved to a location on the shores of a nice pond that is fed by a gorgeous little river.

I now keep my old, ghetto whitewater kayak on the shores of the pond. I went for my virgin voyage on the pond after work today. I played around in the raging current (lots of recent rain) for a little while and then paddled around an island on the other side of the pond.

Damn this place looks fishy - and the river provides for kayaking fun when the fishing is slow. See: lucky bastard.

I am merely writing because I have major spring fever. I am also excited about the opportunity to go kayak fishing on a regular basis this summer. My kayak might be a ghetto vessel but it has a nice rod holder and some sweet paddle clips.

I hope to contribute more to the kayaking forum this year. And the freshwater yak fishing practice means that I will be truly ready to launch a yak assault on the the stripers on the NH coast come September. It seems like this may be the summer when I stop working so much and start fishing more often.

Actually, I will be working just as much and fishing more often this summer. It's all about getting out on convenient, local, fishy waters.

Fish on - the ice has melted and we have turned the corner.

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