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Nick -

I must've told you about my 3 hour bus ride to bermuda's bonefish hideaway - Somerset. I was pretty amazed that there were 10 pound bones right in front of me within minutes of arriving. Close but no cigar for me on those giants but having a lot of shots made my day since it was the only chance I had to do a little fishing on that family trip.

I would say that these fish are not very educated but they know what they like. In other words they seemed interested in the way they came for the fly and somewhat hard to spook compared to Florida Keys bones but relaxed in the choices they could make about food so the presentation and fly are important.

I clearly recall one of the casual rejections I got from a huge bone within a few feet of me. I wondered if I had not excited it enough with my retrieve. It came within a fraction of an inch of eating my fly so I assumed I was only missing the trigger it needed to commit. Or maybe it was the fly. Maybe I needed some raw chicken on the hook, so the local boy told me.

All I know is if I had more than that short time to play on that beach I believe I could've figured out how to seal the deal with these bones eventually. They weren't bashful, I just needed to get inside their bony heads a little more. Or maybe I was the one with the bony head.

I saw other areas that looked very promising for bonefishing, but was unable to explore them. We were on a cruise ship and only there for a couple of days, I was lucky to even get that outing in.

Good luck Nick, there are some BIG bones there.
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