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Different lies

It's been a real weird Spring so far...
- 85+% of "holding water" on the Sauk is sanded in. There are darned few "clean" areas of rock.
- Sauk bar looks better than it has in over 10 years, but isn't producing as good as it looks.
- steelhead takes for the past couple of weeks have been quite non-aggressive in nature.
- steelhead hooked in the last couple of weeks have not fought well.
- the proportion of bright to dark steelhead landed for the last couple of weeks has been unusually high on the bright side of the scale.

My take for what it's worth, just theory, mind you. Fish are running late this year (unusual # of bright to dark), and are therefore "charging hard" up the river (tentative takes/lethargic fights - ruled out temp as a cause, the Sauk has been up to 50 degrees on some days already). The "charging" means that the fish are taking less time to hold, which makes them less susceptible to being caught on the fly. I also do not think that we have any real substantial pushes of fish moving through, just small, sporadic bursts. "Catching" this year seems to really hinge, more so than usual, to being in the particular run that a fish or two has chosen to hold in for a short time, and not being in the 25 other holding spots that look good but are barren. It all boils down to the fact that not enough fish are moving through to "fill up" a bunch of runs like back in the "good old days".
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