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RE:Snap-tee? Pulley?

Rob is quite right about the Frank Moore connection--I neglected to mention this. According to Dec and others, Tom White learned the "snap" move from Frank Moore who had developed it on the North Umpqua.

Eddie, I'm curious about this article by Ed Ward--where might I get a copy? During the intro portion of my Spey clinics I differentiate among and demonstrate three distinct yet related schools of Spey casting:

* the UK or Traditional School, favouring long (15ft+) slow-to-medium action rods, heavy spring-and-pawl reels, and long lines with little or no shooting on the forward delivery. Casts include the traditional single and double Speys along with the many variations such as the Grant Switch and Spiral or Snake Roll;

* the Scandinavian or European School, favouring medium fast-to-fast action rods, light large arbor reels, and shooting heads of 35ft - 45ft. Signature cast is the Underhand or Andersson Cast;

* the Pacific Northwest or North American School, a creative blending of the UK and Scandinavian schools favouring 13ft - 14ft medium-to-medium fast action rods and extended belly shooting heads such as the Windcutter and similar custom lines. Signature cast is the Snap-T and its variations.

I'd be interested to read what Ward has to say on the subject.


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