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RE:Snap-tee? Pulley?

I believe that Ed Ward calls the cast a "perry-poke". I just got a news letter that has an essay by him that tries to define two styles of fishing and casting with a two handed rod. Traditional Atlantic salmon fishing with a spey cast, and Steelhead fishing with a shooting head(or as he calls it, a "Skagit" cast). While it seems to ignore established Skandanavian styles, it never the less is the first written discussion I have seen.
Now I don't have to be ashamed to fish the WindCutter "begginers" line. "Hey, I'm fishin' for steelehead".
Juro regarding the Ross #6 for thwo handed duty, I think it might be about perfect. I have a #5, and it is really too small. I use a Salt Water #5 for my 10wt. and it is pretty good. I'm going to have to order a #6 for my 8wt.
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