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RE:Snap-tee? Pulley?

<font size="3">Thanks for the clarifications!</font><!--3-->

That video clip is awesome, if other's haven't seen it yet it's at or click <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a><!--url--> for the video. I have been using this and calling it the reverse pulley, the "tomahawk", and a few other pet names. Not with nearly the fluidity and accents at just the right moments as Dec of course

For anyone who hasn't already seen Dana's way cool Spey fishing site, it's at

(or click <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Here</a><!--url-->)

There is always fascinating Spey discussion going on <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a><!--url--> - Dana's Spey casting discussion board.

Just to add to the amusing rumors of the snap originator, The version of the rumor I heard was that it was Lefty!

Amazing... the legacy of what is brewin' in the PNW goes way beyond the Hefferweissen and espresso... it's a key page in the book of angling history. I am glad I had my 12 years there (plus 1-2 visits each year!)

BTW - nice article in this month's Fish@Fly magazine by Dec. If the photo on the first two pages wasn't impressive enough by itself! I heard from the Airflo / FlyLogic rep that they went to the river with Dec, got setup for photography, and with one cast and a click - they were done.
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