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Hello Ken_D

I used a Nikon Coolpix 990 for these pictures. I was amazed myself with the quality I got from this camera at such pictures. Earlier I have used my analog SLR for fly photos, but the ability to take a whole bunch of pictures with the digital camera and choose the best one is more important for me than the flexibility of the SLR. However the last pictures I have taken was with a borrowed EOS 300D and this is the best solution I have tried for flies to this time. But at the price of two spey rods, I prefer the rods...

For these flies I used the built in blitz, but you may also use the daylight, which will give less shadows on the fly.

The most important with fly photos is to use a tripod. I also use the timer on the camera to prevent any vibrations while clicking.

I'm a completely amateur on photo, so I guess someone else on this forum could give you a better answer.

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