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Question How cheap is cheap

What do you really want to spend? That is the real deciding factor. $200.00 will get you a nice little outfit (Cabelas, LL Bean). $100.00 will get you something (Wal Mart, like the S.A. beginners everything included kit), probably something that you will get rid of quickly if you decide you like flyfishing. If you can't spend at least $100.00 and don't already know the basics of fly casting, take your ugly stick spinning rod and some spinners and spoons and go fishing. To heck with it. Listen, I'd rather catch fish! Besides, if you're asking this you probably don't know how to effectively fly fish (and honestly, that is not intended to be sarcastic or demeaning) and the truth is you'd spend your vacation in frustration trying to make the dang thing work and not catching fish. Wouldn't you really rather go catch some fish? I'm a long time spin fisherman who loves to fly fish too. I will be honest with you. It will take a minimum of a couple hundred bucks in gear and a couple hundred bucks in lessons, plus some dedicated time on the water LEARNING to fly cast, not actually fly fishing and catching fish. This is great as long as you square this with yourself. If you spend your vacation trying to figure it out you will come away dissapointed, unless the whole idea is to spend your vacation trying to learn. Do yourself a favor. If you can afford it, buy decent gear and take a couple lessons. If not, plan to do it sometime in the future and go spinfishing now and have fun. At the core of this, that's what it's all about.
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