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Jeff - The Backwater is available in a 3 piece. The wieght of the 9 wt, 2 piece is 4 oz which was surprising, the three piece 4.5 oz.

Juro - I agree with your criteria. I'm a flogging wader so I need something thats going to be kind to my shoulder.

Marvin - For me that DFR is a sweet rod to cast. I wonder about durability but with the Redington warrenty I would not hesitate to buy, but I'll have to re-start my smoke cessation motivational fund in order to buy one.

The Backwater really impressed me and I think I'm going to pick one up. Only decision is whether to go with the two or three piece. I cast a two piece. I figure with only one ferrule chances of the apparent weakness with this rod are reduced, I think. I'll try the 3 pc before buying.

Brian Casey - Didn't you recently have a problem with your Backwater? Any insights?

Thanks for the feedback,
Fred A.
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