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Shopping For A Rod

Well I suffered momentary brain cramps Saturday and broke the tip on my Diamondback All-American. Dropped it off at the Bears Den this afternoon and, as expected, it'll take two to three weeks to turn around the repair. While this rod has been more than servicable I have felt undergunned lately, so I have been thinking of getting a ten weight or a nine weight with more backbone for awhile. While at the Bears Den, Scott rigged up several rods to try. Additionally, last fall I tried a 10 wt. RPLXi and a 10 wt. Redington DFR. I'll offer my impressions (keep in mind I'm a relative neophyte) and ask for comments.

Personal Criteria:
1. Of the tactile pleasures in flyfishing the rare occasions when I find my casting stroke is key. Kind of akin to finding your stroke with a jump shot in basketball or with a cue in pool. I want a rod that enhances that pleasure.

2. I have felt undergunned when fishing in big water and when trying to turn the larger "schoolies" I've been catchin this year. Would like something with more backbone.

At my present skill level these two criteria seem to be contrary. Of the rods I test cast, one stood out and a second impressed, especially considering price. But these are first impressions. It would be nice to spend some time on the water.

The rods:
I liked the RPLXi 10 wt but it seemed a bit big in terms of weight and feel. Guess I'm looking for something that feels more like a nine wt.

The 10 wt DFR was an instant hit with me. Very tactile. I guess the action is what you call progressive. Also lighter than most nine wts.

The nine wt Stu Apte Diamondback is a real stick. Beautiful finish. I tried it with a ten wt. line. I'm not ready for this one.
Very fast - not very tactile for the neophyte.

St Croiux Ultra Legend 10 wt. did little to stand out for me. Its ok.

The Sage DS2 10 weight I could live with, very tactile, but it probably does not offer much more in backbone than what I have now.

The Diamondback Backwater 9 wt. Based on the breakage problems I'd heard about, I wasn't thinking about this rod. Scott didn't feel this was an issue based on his experience and the number of returns. This rod seems to fit me like a glove. If I'd stayed off the butts I would have enough in my fishing fund for the DFR, but I think I can be happy with the Backwater

Comments anybody?

Fred A
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