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Thanks for the further detail. We will have an inflatable with us, most likely the same one as yours looking at the pics.

As far as the two-hander, I just want to clarify that these are 10-11ft rods with a light touch. They are just over 7oz and easy to single hand cast, but fun to double. My experiences on the flats leads me to believe the following:

a) what spooks fish the most about casting is the motion of the angler: grinding of sand under his feet, swirling of legs, rapid twisting of torso, pumping of arms, and then finally the rod sweep. This new light Atlantis literally requires only about an 8 inch motion of the upper hand and a tuck by the lower hand with the elbow close to the ribs to throw a dart of a cast accurately at a target up to 40-50ft. The tip is about 8 inches longer from the top of the grip compared to a 9 footer, the length is primarily in the handle.

I know experienced flats rats like you have minimized the casting reaction already but my point is that I don't think this new prototype will add any spook factor, in fact I believe it will greatly reduce it.

b) the less strokes made by the rod, the less fish spook. One stroke is ideal. By playing with the line design, you can cast as well with only a single stroke using the fulcrum method.

c) the motion required to cast backwards while sight fishing (due to crosswind) is much greater, where with a two-hander a cross body cast requires no more effort (or motion) than strong side.

d) clearing the line over coral is important to prevent loss of bones on the run. These rods are easy to hold high off the coral while not being too long to land the fish.

This trip is an important phase of my field qualification for the current model prototypes, I will know precisely what these rods can do on the flats when I get back as I will only be fishing the following CND models during my stay for purposes of approval toward production / avail in North America:

- Atlantis All-arounder Proto#3 11' (finesse taper, strong butt)
- Atlantis All-arounder Proto#2 10'9" (little beach rod with guts)
- Tracker 9'8" 6/7/8 over/under (bonefish single/double?)
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