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Hey Juro,

The entire first week saw brutal NE to E gales averaging 25 to 35knots. Small craft warnings were in effect and seas on the open ocean were running 9 to 14ft. Protected sounds were the only option available on the fishing was primarily focused on the Carribean-side DIY popular flats (thusly tough fishing for overly educated bones).

Most of the second week, we encountered frontal systems coming from the WNW to NW all but totally eliminating most of the Carribean-side flats as potential fishing spots.

My TFO 7wt overlined with the Royal Wulff 8wt Bermuda WF taper handled the wind quite well. A high open loop on the back-cast followed by punching/dbl hauling a low front cast shot the line out many times to the backing knot (110ft casts?...not bad eh?).

The idea of a dbl hander spey-type rod is a great idea...although I could see at times it may present a problem with close-in spooky bones seeing the rod wagging (this sent Eleutheran bones running everytime).

Bones were easy to see given good light conditions. Bob Lyons of "" fame expressed it perfectly when he said..."how can you have 80% cloudy conditions with only 20% cloud in the sky?". This, for much of the trip rang true. There always seemed to be a single daisy chain of puffy white clouds lining up perfectly to block the sun. There must be a scientific/meterogical explanation for this.

The kayak paddles were not only used to test bottom composition and probe for rays before stepping out...but also as "quasi-push poles" on shallow flats.

Our Kayak is "Class#4" rapids rated and likely capable of negotiating some really scary water...the problem we encountered was our physical ability to paddle/muscle into 2ft waves and 30knot winds...we'd only last about 5 minutes covering 25 yards before we were exhausted. Heading out too far afield into remote areas could have disasterous consiquences, so we "didn't" other than on calm days.
The whole kayak idea is a real "keeper". Having it accounted for not only some nice bones...but some nice fishing and sightseeing.

Raining Pilchards!!!??? You bet! You know?, you can read about stuff like this and never believe it till you see it. This "vortex" I'll call it...came out of the blue in bright calm conditions. I actually/unbelieveably thought it was an Airboat barreling down on us till I saw it. Not a cloud in the sky and here comes this thing sucking up water/leaves/fish and a heron like nothing!...who'd a thunk it...LOL!

The local officials/police take the break-in problem very seriously. Police were there investigating within 1/2 hr. Locally, a recent effort to relocate a Hatian family or two were initially supposed to resolve the hasn't.

Regards and good luck on Exuma..."kayak for rent"

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