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Great report.

During the windy days,was there a prevailing wind direction? Did you have to cast backward to deal with wind often?

I will be field testing light two-hander prototypes in the bonefish class. In a crossing wind they cast just as nicely across the body as they do on the strong side, no movement in the legs or feet and eyes on the prize. One of these prototypes will join the Atlantis series this summer as an all-arounder although choosing one is not easy as each has endearing features.

Also, did the surface distruption hamper visibility in those conditions?

Raining pilchards :eyecrazy: ?

Around here the fish get less wary when it's windy but they are harder to see. In your experience what were the fish's reactions to these wind storms?

I assume with the kayaks you can test the bottom with the oar for softness before stepping out. I am hoping the bottom will be solid more often than not in Exuma.

You mentioned the wind being a factor in kayaking - did you feel the inflatable was more susceptible than a hardshell to wind in this case?

I don't think wind would be too big of a deal if the kayak was used for getting around within a localized flats area (e.g. getting around mangroves stands to adjacent shoals, etc) as opposed to braving crossings of large channels or open expanses of water.

Sorry to hear about the thievery.
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