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Eleuthera Report

Hi gang,

Wow, what a fantastic adventure filled trip. Out of 16 days fishing, only 2 days could've been considered calm, the rest had winds well into to 20's and 30's. We witnessed a total of 6 funnel clouds (no touchdowns) and one waterspout/dust devil? (bluebird clear sky by the way)that ripped through a back creek mangroove system no more than 75 feet from us. It sucked a heron right out of the brush and was dropping pilchards in it's wake.

Sharks were everpresent in great abundance (primarily Lemons and Nurses). Our favorite area had seen us constantly surrounded by no less than 4 or 5, two to three foot Lemons. I suppose they were waiting for the creek system's great exodus of Bonefish as the tide we were. I also had the great pleasure of watching a 10ft wide Manta Ray jump and clear the water 4 times at Winding Bay. With a 25knot wind, this delta-winged fish got serious "air-time".

Eleuthera's educated Bonefish are indeed picky. There was no problem spotting rafts of fish at all the popular "DIY" flats but getting them to hang around after the cast was a different matter. My buddies 8lb Flourocarbon leader combined with a size 6 or 8 sparse tan charlie with tiny beadchain eyes prooved to be effective on 5 consecutive fish one day.

We brought our Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak this trip and it prooved to be the Key which allowed us to access areas others couldn't on foot. The Bonefish encountered on those excursions were truly unbothered and turned to a fly plopped 2 feet away rather than flee in terror. Were it not for the terribly windy conditions, we would have loved to use the Kayak more.

Eleuthera's Bones seemingly are a larger average size this year. Many of the fish we caught were in the 18-20 inch range (even from large schools). My buddies best fish was at around the 8lb mark and my best near 5lbs. 30-40 inch Baracudas were easily tempted with large green surge lures and I finally got the hang of the "Two-handed/rod between the knees" stripping. Man is that work! Effective though and I managed my first "fly-caught" Cuda (a tiny 5 lbs). Other species caught this trip were...Red Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Bar Jack, Palometta (yum), Blue Runner Jack, Needlefish, assorted grunts and Sharks hooked but not landed.

NOTE: To anybody considering parking near the schoolhouse in Savannah Sound while fishing...Keep your vehicle in sight. There has been a rash of break-ins including one right under our noses while we were there. A couple had their window smashed and a spear/sling stolen. The theives are using a trail through the bush to access cars parked in the few spaces along the flat road "Beware!" I think it a shame to have to post something like this but better forewarned they always say.

I wish I were back in Govenor's Harbour for a few more weeks and another "Friday Night Fish Fry" or two...ironically, the BBQ chicken is my favorite.

Good fishing,

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