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All screwing around aside...

Last year was my first with my own so I ran off the old spark plugs for a trip or two and then replaced them.

I got a little electrical work done this weeked. Powered up the chartplotter & reviewed the boats last trip (not mine) down in NC.

Before I lower the trailer off the blocks:
1. Fill the tires and check pressure for any leaks, pull & re-lube bearings.
2. Check brakes, make sure they're free, check brake fluid & top off
3. Break loose each weel nut & re-tighten so I know I can get them off if I need to.

Take trailer off blocks & replace wobble rollers on trailer that HAVE to be replaced.

Install trim tabs

Have rocket launchers welded on

Clean & seal all electrical connections

Replace fuel filter

No leaning post this year - maybe mid season

I have every intention of waxing the hull but I doubt if that will really get done right.

All volunteers welcome.

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