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Ay-uh, the east coast's frugal yankee angler had to get over the dishpan hand comments a long time ago, I'd wager such comments lost their freshness even before most of today's rubbermaid warriors were even into SWFF in fact.

But here's the irony... you will find the oldest pictures of people wearing a dishpan on a belt....

in the pacific northwest! Look for old pictures of Lemire and Drain and Bradner and the old Western Washington steelhead icons and you'll see dishpans on their waists used for shooting head running lines back when the notion of flyfishing on the northeast coast were remote at best.

If I am not mistaken, the shooting basket came along with the shooting head systems from the rivers of the northwest to the east coast with the rise in popularity of flyfishing in the surf.

Now I am going on the oldest B&W photos I've seen and this is pure anecdotal conjecture - but I challenge anyone salty striper hound on the atlantic to dig up the origin and defy my books and records!
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