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juro (03-11-2001 06:13 a.m.):
Ron -

It would be my pleasure to pick one up for you to test out west. I'll grab one today, email me a snail mail address (I may already have it). We can square up later. I am anxious to hear the reviews...

Juro ---- Have used the basket with your inserts that you sent to me on 4 occasions fishing off the beach and I would say that the ability to control line especially intermediate or full sinking types is amazing. It eliminates all the normal problems of controlling line on the pick up or retrieve and definetally will increase your abillity to shoot more line.
I can not see why this has not made its appearance even in a minimal way on the West Coast. It did bring a few comments about bringing my dishes to the beach but they will learn
The advantages far outway any of the incubered feelings associated with the initial use and I would think its advantages can be appreciated on the rivers as well.
Thank you again.

PS-- You were going to get me the price range your are currently paying for the HATS as your $ gives you a 50% advantage up here.
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