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I don't think there would be any noticable impact on the migration. This spill, although semi- sizable, should be a warning of what could really happen. I'm not saying it was no big deal, but I think we all lucked out in that it could have been ALOT WORSE with just a couple of differances, ie; try getting that much oil right up at the bottleneck of the canal, I know some may say the cleanup might have been easier, I doubt it. The current would have made it spread much faster and the concentration for fish in this area would have a much more profound affect. The shoreline would certainly have take a harder hit. I believe that much of the spill is still on the bottom, in globs. I suspect that they got maybe 5 to 10 percent, tops! And this was NOT a very large spill on scale. how much were they carrying?
Please, ground the capt., mate and the company for their history SUCKS!
SAVE OUR BUZZARDS BAY, not to mention all other waters and marine life!
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