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I finally got the chance to break away from the farm for a day, yesterday. I inflated the inflatable, and went to Quonochotaug Pond in Charlestown RI. I had no problem launching it. Rowed about halfway up the pond. Rowed into a westerly wind, incoming tide. The wind was atleast 15 knots, with a chop on the pond. Stopped in at the RIMS property to look over the Piping Plover problem. The whole beach is roped off with 2 walkways for beach access, walking only. Terrible situation. Each year those birds are taking more, and more of the beach for nesting, I wonder if they , the USFW, would close the Charlestown Breechway area, if a pair of birds decided to set up house there. Enough said.
Inflatable, surprised that there is not more inflatables around. Having a kayak, and having an inflatable I have decided I would rather have an inflatable.
Inflatable: light
easy to row
equipment easy to reach
very stable
able to stand for sight fishing, even in a 15 knt wind
can pack in the trunk of a compact car
plenty of room for a cooler, and the kitchen sink
able to use a small outboard
Disadvantage: appears to drift faster than a kayak.
Kayak: Light to medium heavy
restrictive movement, unable to stand
too low in the water
no room for equipment
paddle always in the way
Advantage: easy to maneuver, and faster
which are the only advantages

In my opinion an inflatable is a better fishing platform than a kayak
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