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working the bottom

I think I will do so.

I took my new kayak out last night (birthday present from whole family) to just get it in the water and also to try it as a casting platform. It was quite nice. Very stealthy.

The carp in my local pool (two blocks from my house) were working the bottom for the first time that I have noticed this spring. The sediment holds a lot of gas right now (I suppose from sitting undisturbed for the winter) so the bubble trails were very easy to see. The water is so silty right now that I could only rarely see a tail to figure out where to deliver the fly but it was great fun anyway. The water is no deeper than 2 feet through the whole pool so you can usually see them tailing if the water is not so cloudy)

I need to get my main carp fly out, I had a tiny caddis nymph on and I think it was just too small to see given the conditions. Need to push some water and puff the bottom. Get some attention.

On the plus side I found that my little carp hole is connected to a much larger pond (I thought they were on different levels and blocked by culvert waterfalls, not true). This means that the fish are probably surviving winter in the big pond and that my 3 acres of 'private' carp waters are really more like 20. I am very excited because the other pond is not easily fished from shore... but my new kayak is perfect.

World class fly fishing just blocks from my house - spooky, technical, big, fish in waters with ZERO pressure 5 miles from downtown. It just takes the right attitude.

I am curious how to land a 20 pound carp in a kayak, and how fast it will be pulling me around the pond.

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