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RE:O.P. Letter Writing Campaign

I love email, it's so easy to rip the powers that be off a peice of your mind. I think it's imperative that the managment entities recieve pressure from outside the state so they begin to learn just what they have here. Thank Juro!

Here's the email addy for the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission:

Phone: 360-902-2267

Here's their Web page:

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Here's what I sent them:

Washington State Fish and Wildlife Commission:

Due to the recent pending closure of Puget Sound rivers to steelhead angling it is expected that Olympic Peninsula rivers will receive intensified pressure. To lessen the impact on these fragile stocks of wild fish I urge the commission to implement catch and release, quality fisheries regulations for the remainder of the season.

The pending closure of the Puget Sound rivers is a classic failure of the present harvest management policy. In past seasons the brood stock for the currently depressed runs was deemed healthy and wild fish kill harvesting was implemented. The inadequacy of either scientific, or political means of fish current management strategies is partly to blame for the current lack of what would be a low impact recreational opportunity through catch and release.

In light of the current management failures I urge the Commission to adopt mandatory catch and release regulation for all wild steelhead in the State of Washington. These regulations should be in effect until such a time as stocks can be maintained or restored to levels of historical abundance.

The entities of the State of Washington have repeatedly missed the point when it comes to providing quality angling to visitors and residents. They have fostered a harvest mentality where quantity over rides quality. The beauty, solitude and splendor of our rivers and wild fish are the legacy we must leave for others. Hopefully it will not be just a memory of what once was.

Lets put the wildlife back in Wildlife and start managing for the fish instead of people.

Thank you,
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