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I do work in Centennial Park, at Analogic in fact. I would go to the outlet, but I just got some sneakers there a little while a go. That place is a gold mine! On to the topic at hand... I would tell you where to grab them, but they are inside the building. I can meet you somewhere and give you a bunch if you want. I have 20 of them now, and if they are still there tomorrow I can grab as many as you need.

Gregg, a ride in a boat would be AWESOME! I can save a bunch for you and your bro. I have to go home to CT this weekend to see my younger brother graduate from High School, so I won't be around for fishing, any other way I can get them to you? I might be able to drop them off if I am down on the south shore sometime. I would really love to go to one of the Baymen Outfitters Thurs night fishing things. Sounds like a fun time and Capt. Dave is a great guy.
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