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Lab, welcome to the Board!
One more point of information, when tying on tippet, try to match the end of the leader diameter to the diameter of the tippet section you are tying on. As a general rule, stay within 1 or 2 "X" change. So if you leader ends with a 2X diameter, a 3X or 4X tippet will be OK, a 5X tippet would not be as good, so in this instance you would tie on a short piece of 3X and then the tippet at 4X or 5X.
The reason for this is twofold, one, you want to turn over the fly and a large variation of diameter will hinder this, second the knots will generally be stronger with similar sized diameters.

Make sure you match diameters as listed on the tippet spool and do not rely only on the "X" designation since various manufacturers and materials can vary greatly. Try to stay with the same manufacturer for your tippet and your leader and this matching will be a lot easier. Match by "eyballing" the two sections you are tying together.

Specialty leaders and knots will come with time.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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