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I'm definately not a member of the Spey board, if I was I would have to be a bit more circumspect with my opinions about certain beats and their appalling record on catch and release. I am unsure what action the board can take as it is only a recomendation and if beats wish to abuse the recomendation there is little they can do.

I fished Cairnton on the Dee and they still offer rewards for returning fish, whisky or smoked salmon I believe but as I failed to catch a springer I never found out.

I cannot understand this compulsion some anglers have to take a fish home. I have seen some awful things killed at the backend for smoking, they would be better smoking some fish flavoured cotton wool.

In my opinion, if these fish killers decide not to return to the Spey the Spey will be a better place without them.

I hear that the Strathspey Association have had a few fish but have not heard about Castle Grant.
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