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Hi W.G.

I beleive that you are a member of the board,what action will they take against non compliance?I dont think that total catch and release is the answer,as some anglers might like to take 1 fish home with them after spending quite a lot of money on their weeks fishing, after all these paying tenants are the lifeblood of the river and the local economy its down to commonsense!
The Speyboards policy is I think pretty good if used correctly,I know the Dee policy is different but I have seen this being abused as well,as long as they never go down the old smoked Salmon for fish returned route again as there will be many more fish recorded.
I think it would be considered a great success if the river as a whole were to record a 75% release of fish for any given season that would take care of the people who for whatever reason would like to retain a fish.I think that more people now are realising the plight of the wild Salmon and are happily returning these fish,how many people do you now see returning fish who would never have considered it 5 years ago? they too must be applauded,its all an education but there must still remain a strong pull for these anglers to come and fish Scottish rivers and
be educated by ghillies and other like minded anglers.The last thing we need to be constantly reminded off is the terrible fog at Murmansk Airport and those dammned choppers!and yes I do know they have catch and release as well,just as well as the helicopters would not get off the ground with some of those catches.
jock scott
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