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Hi W. G.

I am pleased to hear that the Spey catches are up on last years catch as I beleive last Spring was pretty good as well before the dreaded drought arrived in early May!!. The 90% catch and release rate is really good for a river of its size,I take it the other 10% at Kinnermony and association were all bleeding badly!!,although I understand that the 1st fish off the Aberlour association goes to the local hospital.what is the policy at Kinnermony? is it anything goes or is it that the catches are that good that the beat has had so many fish that the fish killed have all been second fish!!
Its nice to hear that Tulchan D beat has had fish as they have had a lean few years up there,I take it Robert wont be welcoming his guest back with open arms!!The old school attitudes must change,this is acceptable if it is a youngsters 1st fish (ghillies discretion applied).
I am still off the opinion that the re capture rate of spring fish adds to the figures and it is a pity that the tagging scheme is still not being used.but who cares as long as there are fish in the river to re capture anglers will return!!
jock scott
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