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I cannot answer for any of the other rivers but the Spey is well up on last year.
James Butler, Speyboard Chairman said last week

>>Meanwhile, the total catch is 130, with 90% released. For the same
>>period last year the catch was about 50.
Most beats are returning the fish as per the board rules but there are exceptions. The Aberlour Association have killed the first 2 fish they caught. Kineromy are also killing a lot of fish. 7 that I know of. An old fisherman killed a fish at Tulcan D against the rules and the gillies wishes. He had irritated me a lunch time by wittering on what a load of rubbish catch and release is.

released fish can be caught again see,

The Catch and Release Tagging Project concluded in 2002 with 386 spring salmon (Feb.-May) and 473 summer salmon and grilse (June-Sept.) tagged and released. Recaptures of spring salmon varied, from 16% in 2000, to 7% in 2001 and 11% in 2002, with an average recapture rate of 10%.

Only two summer salmon were recaptured (0.4%). Recapture rates are highest for February fish, with 30% of fish caught again. However, recapture rates decline as the season progresses, with only 3% of June fish caught a second time. These figures may well reflect the actual exploitation rates of fish entering the river at different times of the year. When analysed in more detail it is evident that among spring salmon, fish caught and released in February-March can be recaptured until May,and fish caught in April-May are vulnerable until July.

Many spring fish can also be recaptured in September when the spawning season approaches. These findings confirm that spring salmon are particularly vulnerable to capture by anglers. Released fish were recaptured in every month except August, and therefore require measures to protect them beyond the spring period. These results underpin the SFB's Salmon Conservation Policy for 2003, which aims to protect spring salmon throuthout the season.

I once caught a fish which I carefully unhooked and was holding in the water till it got its breath back when I suddenlt realised it still had a fly in its mouth. It obviously had broken someone else, it must have had a fly in each side of its mouth.
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