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Absolutely!! The fact that fish spend their lives in a neutral semi-boyant horizontal state, being held vertically by the gill plate, lip, jaw, Boga, or wherever after giving its' all in the struggle has to be a traumatic strain to internal organs as their bellies bulge and as Bubba holds the lip so as to force the jaw out and the mouth open to gain the full distorted Hollywood effect. Some sort of assault and battery! When used kindly, I find the Boga to be a beneficial tool worth considering. The scale on the Boga is more for the anal retentive. A horizontal two-handed cradle is definitely the way to go if the well being of the catch is a concern (which it should be!)
I am "Thumb Challenged" and need help holding/controlling until I can sort things out, admire, and revive/release. Crushed barbs should be the rule and not the exception. I wish the fishing shows stressed more of what proper care and handling should be!
Thanks for letting me vent...
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