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RE:We have a winner!

What a beautiful fish! Great work.

I think it's time that we start working on a fly fisherman/woman exchange program between the Pacific NW and New England. Like you I've had the same privledge fishing both coasts but in reverse. I grew up catching stripers through out the greater Boston area and now fish for Steelhead in the Seattle area.
I would be willing to give info, vehical useage when possible, a place to sleep if needed and even be a guide,(for free of course)to any of the fisherman from the East that would like to try our fishery. I know that when your new to an area and in a difficult fishing situation as steelhead fishing it helps to have some friends.
I know that the folks I fish with are always interested in wanting to try striper fishing but not knowing the area and not really being able to afford guided trips for a week never do make it out to New England to fish.
An exchange program in both directions would solve a lot of problems and would be a chance to meet new fisher people with many of the same interests. It would be a great way of getting someone pointed in the right direction towards a new and wonderful fishing vacation.
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