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Paradise lodge

I went to Paradise Lodge in April 3 or 4 years ago. Unfortunately, we got blown out---20 to 30 knot wind every day. We did fish in the numerous lagoons for tarpon, but I believe that Paradise Lodge has a lease on these. The few times we tried to bonefish, we drove about 2 hours south (at 5 mph due to the road conditions) then went by boat for 20 to 30 minutes. We were on the eastern side of the big bay (Espiritu Santos?), with numerous islands, and flats. Saw lots of bones, a few tarpon and rare permits. According to the owner of P.L.. we spent some time in Belizean waters.
There is a small town on the eastern shore accessible by car , and at least one local that will take you out in a ponga. We saw him with a customer the one day we fished the bay. We saw a very largenumber of bones but, unfortunately, we caught few fish because of the wind. We did get one cast at some large tarpon, but lined them because of the wind.

In the summertime, Paradise lodge fishes in the surf right in front of their lodge for bones. However is the wind is out of the east, the water will be murky, and the fish will be in deeper water.
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