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Sage TCR six weight

hmmm...thankfully I don't have to make that choice, but I might go with a very fast 6wt. Fishing for trout with anything more isn't that much fun. Most bone fish and school stripers are easily landed on a 6wt and since it's really fast, you could always throw a seven on it if you needed to throw clousers or small poppers. Except for the bigger striper flys, and hair bugs, i think I could cast most flys on a six.
A "soft" seven like the BL-5(R.I.P.) is a good call too. I have a 9' #7LT (not as soft as the BL5) that is a sweet heart. I have caught brown trout up to 16#s on it, and it is one of my favorite warmwater rods. I love that rod.
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